Experienced management consultants with hands on operational knowledge

We are business advisors
We help clients globally with advise on all business aspects. For example business and marketing planning, sales and distribution, segmentation, CRM, communication, branding, product portfolio, offer design and portfolio management.

Telecom and digital thought leaders
Within our group we have deep and long expereince in all aspects of telecom, media and internet from operator to network and handset providers. Our aim is to help our clients to reach the full capacity offered with digital solutions in order to offer the best possible customer experience.

Global experience
We have extensive experience from all continents ranging from the most advanced markets to developing high growth markets in Africa, Asia and South America.

Interim management as well as ”operator in a box”
We are a senior team with experience from management consulting mixed with hands on operational knowledge as CEO’s or other senior positions from both start-ups as well as large international players. With this background we can offer both 6 weeks strategy work on selected topics as well as interim positions, or 3 days/months as senior advisors or a start-up team of 30 people when launching a green field project.